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3 in 1 Juice filling machine

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Automatic 14000bph Juice Filling Machine

Automatic 14000bph Juice Filling Machine

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This juice filling machine suitable for 200ml-2000ml plastic bottle.

Therinsing part: Flip the bottle holder, the bottle holder clamps the bottleneck position, avoids the rubber clamp block on the traditional bottle holder to cause the possible pollution to the bottle mouth thread position. Bottle clamp is made of stainless steel AISI304, sanitary and durable.

The filling part: meet the requirements of hot filling and filling (the liquid level is controlled at about 15 mm, and the level can be fine-tuned), so as to minimize the return flow of the material, thus providing hardware guarantee for ensuring the flavor of the product.

The capping part: With rotary cap machine bottle detection switch, with the cap guide rail and dial cap cylinder linkage control cap discharge, to ensure that no bottle when stop feeding cover, reduce the loss of user lid.

Washing heads1416182432405072
Filling heads1216182432405060
Capping heads55688101215


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