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Transparent film packing machine

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PE film bottle shrink packing machine

PE film bottle shrink packing machine

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This bottle film shrink packing machine is for packing bottled water, it can package 20-30 psc per minute.

Specially designed and manufactured for the middle speed packing requirements of drinks(pure water, beverage, fruit juice and milk product, etc)

During the product forward conveying process, it can automatically group into package, so as to save time and enhance packing efficiency.

Adopt the programmable logic controller(PLC), which can carry out the automatically work flow.

Use the iso thermal sealing cutter, its surface spray, the seal is even and secure.

Overall dimension for the whole unit L16390mm*W1800mm*H2500mm L16390mm*W1800mm*H2500mm L13570mm*W2000mm*H2500mm
Thermal shrinkage passage dimension L2500mm*W700mm*H450mm L2500mm*w700mm*h450mm L2500mm*W700mm*H450mm
Max.package dimension L460mm*W280mm*H345mm L460mm*W280mm*H345mm L460mm*W280mm*H345mm
Transfer belt dimension 30pcs/min 28pcs/min 22pcs/min
Transfer belt width 686mm 686mm 687mm
Sealing and cut time/temperature 3Phase/5Line 380v/58kw 3Phase/5Line 380v/59kw 3Phase/5Line 380v/60kw
Operating power supply/power 0.6-0.8Mpa 0.6-0.9Mpa 0.6-0.10Mpa
Operating air pressure 80Nl/min-100NL/min 80Nl/min-101NL/min 80Nl/min-102NL/min
Air consumption 5200kg 5201kg 4850kg


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