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Fruit pulp juice filling machine

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Fruit pulp juice filling machine

Fruit pulp juice filling machine

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This juice

This juice filling machine is for filling juice into plastic bottle with big fruit pulp

The bottle size can be 200 ml to 2000 ml,The capacity can be 15000 bottles of juice per hour

1.This fruit juice filling machine can fill juice into juice with pulp. This machine consists of 5 parts: two washing part, pulp filling part, juice filling part and capping part.

2.All the machine are made of stainless steel 304, and the filling nozzle is made of stainless steel 316.

3.The fruit juice pulp filling machine is fully automatic running, you can control the machine on the touch screen.

4.All electrical components are from world-renowned brands, with good quality and guaranteed after-sales service


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