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Water Filling Line Introduction

Sheenstar can provide you with turnkey projects for completed Water Filling Production Line, which includes PET bottle blow molding machine, water treatment system, water filling machine, labeling machine and packing machine and so on. And according to your different requirements, we can provide personalized customization services and recommend you the most suitable water production machines. We will also send professional engineer to your factory for installation, commissioning of machines and teach your workers how to use our machines.



Bottle Shape

Round or Square
Bottle or any shape

Bottle Size

200ml - 2000ml

Filling Liquid

Mineral Water, Pure Water
Spring Water, Drinking Water
Others Non-Carbonated Drinks

Water Source

Lake water, Well water
Fresh Water, Spring Water
Underground Water, etc.

Each Machine in the Line


Bottle Unscrambler

Optionally Automatic Bottle Unscrambler or Manually Sorting Bottles


Air Conveyor for empty bottles

Transport empty bottles to Water filling machine


Washing Filling Capping Machine 3-in-1 / 4-in-1

Firstly wash the plastic bottles, then fill drinking water into bottles, finally capping.


Cap Elevator

Transport the caps from cap station to capping part of filling machine.


Blowing Dryer Machine

Make sure the bottle is dry before the labeling machine


Labeling Machine

We have sleeve labeling machine and Sticker labeling machine. Sleeve or stick the label on the bottle body or cap accurately.


Label Shrink Tunnel

Shrink the label onto the bottle by steam, it is for sleeve labeling machine.


Bottled Water Conveyors

Transport Bottled Water between filling machines and packing machine, if use longer conveyor, the whole line will be more stability.


Packaging Machine

Packing bottled water into a package by PE film, we have shrink packing machine, Wrapping packing machine with one-roll film or two-roll film and Carton Packing Machine.

Project Video

Machine Parameters

Washing Heads1416182432406050
Filling Heads1216182432404050
Capping Heads55688101512
Capacity (b/h)50008000100001200015000200002400026000
Suitable BottlePlastic Round bottle and square bottle 
Friendly Reminder: Smaller or Bigger Capacity, Please Contact Us, We Will Make The Machine As Per Your Requirement

Recent Case

The water line in Ethiopia
The water line in Thailand

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