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Sheenstar Values

Mission & Vision

In future we’re aiming at more advanced new design filling machine and complete turn-key project and will provide more professional and better full service. Let sheenstar machines will reach every corner of the world and make everyone to enjoy available drinking water.

Corporate Culture

Corporate vision

Let everyone to enjoy available 
drinking water.

The purpose of the enterprise

Excellent products and
 excellent service.

Development goals

Help customers to win 
market and profit.

Spirit of enterprise

Unity and struggle.
Pioneering and innovation.

Core values

Customers satisfaction and
 Employees happy.

Talent philosophy

Unity, High efficiency, Professional,
Ambition, Enthusiasm and Patience.

Latest News

Water Plant Machinery: An Integrated Machine Setup

Water Plant Machinery: An Integrated Machine Setup


During the production of drinking water or bottled water, as you may call it, certain sanitary measures are usually put in place to ensure that the optimal wholesomeness of the water so produced is achieved

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