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2000bph 5 Liter To 15 Liter Pure Water Mineral Water Filling Machine 2000bph 5 Liter To 15 Liter Pure Water Mineral Water Filling Machine

Suitable for 5 liter bottle ,10 liter bottle ,15 liter bottle.
Capacity :2000 bph
Suitable for drink water ,pure water ,mineral water.

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  • Model: XGFB12-12-4
  • Brand: SHEENSTAR
  • Code: 8422301090
  • Materials: Stainless steel
  • Product Description

Product Description

2000bph 5 liter to15 liter big plastic bottle water filling machine

 This machine is for filling mineral water, pure water and other drinking water into big plastic bottles,5liter to 15liter are all ok.

It can make 2000 bottles of water per hour.

The new design is adopted for the capping, and the ball can reduce the pressure of the puller and save energy effectively,

The cover is transmitted from the cap elevator device to the sterilization channel, after sterilization, it reaches the sealing part and waits for capping.

The machine is made of high quality sus304, that make the machine have long service life and make cleaning easier.

Hanging the bottle neck with clamp and come into the machine by air conveyor, that can maintain the bottle shape and speed.
The washing part not only has a long flushing time, but also greatly increases the production capacity.


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