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Technical Characteristics of Carbonated Drink Can Filling Machine

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Sheenstar's filling machines not only occupy a certain position in China, but also in the world. Our machines are also well received by customers because of their quality assurance.Carbonated Drink Can Filling Machine is one of our best selling products.


The carbonated drink can filling machine has a compact structure and is easy to maintain and operate. Its main highlight is the new-design filling valve equipped with an electromagnetic flow meter. The traditional roller and lifting curve are eliminated,the rising and falling are realized by pure pneumatic, no need lubricants and the equipment is more hygienic. The gas can filling machine, valve block and crimping machine form a very compact structure, and the electrical cabinet is directly connected to save space. The valve block is installed directly behind the can filling machine together with the final easy-open can products, and the electronic device connection is formed through servo technology.

 carbonated drink can filling machine

The New model cans filling machine can also be customized according to customer needs. The can products cylinder is installed on the top of the filling machine, and the can product enters from the bottom. The valve group is arranged beside and installed close to the ground, which provides high flexibility for the selection of measuring instruments and the positioning on the filling machine.


The easy-open cans enter the filling machine and are positioned below the filling valve. When pressing, the filling valve is pneumatically controlled to press on the cans. With the help of the differential pressure chamber, the centering and pressing of the cans on the filling valve is very smooth. After completing the low-consumption carbon dioxide purging through the independent gas channel, the filling starts immediately. An electromagnetic flow meter is used to control the flowing amount of liquid,after reaching the set filling volume, the valve is closed, then using an independent pressure relief channel, the pressure at the top of the can is reduced to ambient pressure again, and then the filling valve is pneumatically controlled from The can rises.


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