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Tech Update: High-speed Valve Water Filling Equipment

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Today's equipment with more versatility is the trend of liquid filling machine.  New water filling machines maximize the output and simplify changeovers.

water filling machine made by Sheenstar


The kind of filling machine for bottled water meets the growing market demands for simplified cleaning, minimized risk of cross-contamination, and reduced waste of products.


With the proportional flow regulator, we make an adjustment of the velocity of liquid's flows and pneumatic air is eliminated. The air in the bottle is discharged through the pipe, and the bottle becomes vacuum. Then the vacuum conversion valve is adjusted to gravity filling to ensure that the water quality will not be affected by air pollutants.

water filling machine made by Sheenstar

Moreover, with the function of circulating cleaning, the filling liquid tank can be completely sealed and washed with acid and alkali.

water filling machine made by Sheenstar

Areas that improve the usability of equipment for operators include a direct HMI as well as easy-to-use and easy-to-read panels.

water filling machine made by Sheenstar

Additionally, to maximize the efficiency of production, many people are turning to provide more flexible, high-capacity and more automatic equipment. However, the accuracy is the most important factor of an item of fluid filling equipment, and minimize the waste of products, reduce the time of changeovers and simplify sanitary facilities. Now, Sheenstar is working hard to meet all those needs and even more requirements.


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