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Sheenstar in Dubai Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition

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On 29th-31st October, 2019, World Trade Center, Dubai, UAE, we went to Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition for expanding the market in UAE.


During the exhibition, we saw many food and beverage processing machinery and package machine, food storage and convey parts and so on. We also had the meeting with many customers who bought sheenstar filling machine and packing machine.

Dubai Gulfood Manufacturing Exhibition


Sheenstar Company is dedicatedly focusing on beverage filling and packaging machinery manufacturing and water filling packaging machine such as drinking water filling and packing machine, fruit juice filling line, 5 gallon water making machine, bottled water production line, glass bottle and beverage can filling machine and soft drinks filling machine.

In recent years, with the increase of population, changes in food structure and rising food prices, the demand for food in the Middle East has been increasing year by year. With an annual growth rate of 7%, while the speed of domestic food production is relatively high. Chinese tea, canned food, convenience food, honey, red dates, walnuts, condiments and other special products have a large demand in the local.


During the exhibition time, we knew so many people from all over the word and many of them are quite interested in our automatic filling machines. We sincerely welcome more and more people know about us and establish further cooperation.


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