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Juice Filling Machine Finished Running

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Sheenstar has been cooperating with customers, some come from the website, some come from the platform, and some are referred by customers and choose to trust us and buy our products.


Most of our customers have some connections with each other. This time the customer went to a friend's factory by accident and saw Sheenstar's machine. He was attracted by the flexible operation and quality of the machine, so he immediately contacted us.


This customer saw filling machine from sheenstar in the workshop of another customer, and know the filling machines running very well, so he also put the order about 2sets of juice filling machine to Sheenstar company.

 juice filling machine

His juice filling machines is different from other machines, this machine is equipped with a cover plate at the top, which avoids the dust from the workshop falling on the washing, filling and sealing parts, and ensures the cleanness of the machine interior. The juice filling machine is equipped with a cover disinfection and cleaning channel to ensure that the cover is sufficiently clean.


Before delivery, we had a trial of the machine and it worked very well at the target production. We showed the video of running machine to the customer. They are very satisfied with the juice filling machine. We will pack the machine and send it to the customer's factory.


We are committed to the development, research and production of the water and beverage packaging and filling industry. We hope that all our customers' factories will flourish. Sheenstar provides better beverage machine and better service. Welcome to inquiry about the water and beverage machinery.



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