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Head Officer From ALIBABA Visited Sheenstar Machinery

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Head Officer from ALIBABA in Hangzhou visited Sheenstar Machine on 14th May, 2019.


Sheenstar’s Manufacture Manager Mr. Leaon introduced water filling production line, beverage package machine, and beverage filling machine. Leaon also explained the advantage of beverage filling and packaging machines from Sheenstar company.


In order to ensure the quality of the machine, our related parts are all purchased from well-known foreign electrical brands: Siemens and so on. After the machine is installed, we will carry out quality inspection and inspection. We always regard quality as our first aim, and strive to achieve customer satisfaction for the brand's reputation.


Thanks for Alibaba to trust and support us! Sheenstar Machinery will always keep “Quality is the first”, keeping providing high-quality service and beverage filling packaging equipment for all over the world.


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