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Five container water production lines delivered to Nigeria

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Five container water production lines are delivered to Nigeria

Early in the morning, five trucks arrived at the gate of SHEENSTAR factory, with a total of four large containers and one small container. This time, a complete set of water production line equipment will be delivered to Nigeria.

This water line produces 5000 bottles of water per hour and is suitable for 500ml plastic bottles. The main machines include bottle blowing machine (used to produce plastic bottles), pure water washing, filling and capping three in one machine, lid disinfection system, drying machine, labeling machine, PE film shrinking wrapping machine, and a full set of water treatment system. 

We configured this water production line for customers according to their needs and budget. We carry out a trial run in the workshop, the whole water line running well, and the customer paid the balance after inspection. 

We carefully checked the machine according to the equipment list, and provided the customer with common work tools and use manual. 

Wish the customer company a big sale of purified water!


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