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Filling Machine to FUJIAN

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Since its establishment, Sheenstar has expanded its business and has been developing for more than ten years and has cooperated with more than 10,000 customers.


SHEENSTAR COMPANY not only provides international business for beverage filling machine, but also provides domestic customers with high-quality filling machines and related equipment. Because of the high-quality filling machine equipment and high-quality after-sales service experience, this year SHEENSTAR CO. has provided domestic customers with at least more than fifteen sets of Water filling production line, tea beverage production line and other projects.


As a professional filling machine manufacturer that produces various types of high-quality filling machines and beer filling machines, we have a firm determination to provide services to customers and ensure their overall satisfaction.


In addition to unwavering determination and customer satisfaction that make us stand out in the industry, the production of high-quality equipment and years of experience in the manufacturing process of filling machines have attracted more of our customers.


For these reasons, we can provide services to different customers all over the world, and we can also get recommendations from loyal customers.


Recently, a customer in Fujian trusted and patronized us and provided a filling machine to the production site.


Delivery of filling machines to customers in Fujian


The picture below shows that some of the filling machines, labeling machines, film packaging machines and other equipment provided by SHEENSTAR for domestic customers are sent to Fujian Province, China.

 filling machine sent to Fujian

Within the time frame provided to customers, a fully assembled beer filling machine was designed according to the exact specifications received, and the best materials were used.


The machine was then tested to ensure the normal operation of each part before it was shipped to customers in Fujian.

 filling machine sent to Fujian

Within the expected time frame of delivering the filling machine to our customers in Fujian, the machine was shipped to Fujian, where it was installed and tested again.


Similar to other high-quality products delivered to customers all over the world, the delivery of filling machines to Fujian is an achievement achieved as a professional manufacturer of various filling machines.


Feedback from Fujian customers


After the transportation process, successful delivery and thorough investigation of the beer filling machine delivered to our Fujian customers, they are satisfied and satisfied with the product.


If you need a professional filling machine manufacturer to help manufacture high-quality filling machines, labeling machines, film wrapping machines and other equipment, and deliver them to your production site, we will always serve you.


Our service tenet has always been to bring huge profits and a win-win situation for customers.


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