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Filling Machine Product Training

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Sheenstar Company holds two regular product training meetings every month to update the technology of filling machine, bottle blowing machine, sleeve labeling machine, sticker labeling machine, conveyors, sterilization machine, film packaging machine, water treatment system and other equipment in a timely manner for the sales department.

 two regular product training meetings

The involved drinking water filling production line, juice filling line, can production line, beer production line, carbonated beverage filling line, soft drink production equipment are in terms of high output, good quality, less power consumption, energy efficiency, good workmanship and details, etc.


The improvement enable the sales department to fully understand the latest product knowledge and provide customers with more complete and cutting-edge filling technology.


We believe that it is necessary to hold such product training sessions regularly. The company recruits new personnel every month. On the one hand, it helps newcomers understand our company and products. On the other hand, it is also a good reply for the company’s old employees. Check for missing opportunities and fill vacancies. Therefore, the company's participants can get good learning and progress in each training meeting.


In addition to product training, Sheenstar will continue to increase other trainings to improve everyone's ability to work, safeguard the vital interests of workers and employees, and promote corporate development.



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