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Drinking Water Filling Machine - Daily Maintenance

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The drinking water filling machine is composed of washing, filling and sealing parts. There are three-in-one and four-in-one. The drinking water filling machine produced by Sheenstar Machinery Co. can be adapted to different bottle shapes and sizes. The same machine is suitable for different sizes of bottles, with capacity from 4000 bottles per hour to 30,000 bottles per hour (4000BPH-30000BPH).

During the normal use of mineral water filling machine, daily maintenance is very important. Several points of attention are as follows:

1. Keep all the pipes of the water filling machine cleaning every day, and wash it every week;

2. Make sure that the pure water filling machine is clean every day and ensure that the parts in contact with the raw materials are free of dirt and bacteria.

3. If this filling machine is also used to produce beverages, then the time and temperature of sterilization must be controlled during the production process to ensure the effect, avoid excessive sterilization time or excessive temperature, reduce oxidation of beverages, and Cooling as soon as possible after sterilize so that the temperature does not exceed the specified value.

4. Normally, beverages are not prone to foam in low temperature environments, which is beneficial for filling. Before each operation of the beverage filling machine, the temperature of the filling machine tank and the conveying pipeline should be lowered by using water of 0 to 1 °C. When the filling temperature exceeds 4 °C, firstly lowering the temperature then start to make filling operation.

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Anyway, we have a very professional service team and after-sales team to help you solve all the problems of machine use and maintenance. Please contact us actively.


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