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Do you know juice filling production line?

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How amazing it is, isn’t it? This is a juice filling project---Three in One filling machine process, applied/invented by a professional manufacturer of beverage filling company Sheenstar from China. As you can see, the juice filling equipment is operated and maintained easily. It has separated control cabinet and the steels are stainless. So there’s no doubt that it’s safe for people.

 sheenstar juice filling machine line

Over the past one month, this machine has been attracting many clients from the countries of Southeast Asia, such as Malysia, Philippines, and etc. At present, the juice filling project is being installed and debugged in Philippines by the engineer Mr. Li of Sheenstar. He said: “Filipinos are very nice, and they bought fruits and entertained me with Chinese food.” All employees in Sheenstar are grateful for the hospitality from their customer in the Philippines. 

Sheenstar wins a good reputation in the Chinese market with it’s aim “quality first” and it has not changed. They will do their best to help more potential customers to gain development and success.

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