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Bottled Water Filling Line Installed and Worked Successfully

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Always pursue best customer service, Sheenstar Machinery pays attention to every customer’s buying experience and helps them in solving problems. Sheenstar staff sent to the buyer factory to help them in machine installment and debugging.


Bottled water filling machine, labeling machine, film packing machine from Sheenstar machinery were sent to the buyer factory before Chinese New Year and our engineer went to the buyer factory for installed and tested our filling machine, labeling machine and wrapping film packing machine. The buyer is very satisfied with the whole line of bottled filling line, looking forward to cooperation with us again. Best Wishes and good business for our friends.

 glass bottle filling line

The customer also expressed that he could not complete the water treatment line installation and debugging work at one time without us.


We can provide you with turnkey projects and complete package solutions for all kinds of drinking water and beverage production line, includes bottle blow molding machine, water treatment system, water filling production line, carbonated drinks filling line, juice filling line, 5-gallon water filling line, beverage can filling line, glass bottle filling line, labeling machine, film shrink packing machine, carton packing machine and so on. Welcome to enquiry!



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