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13L Big Bottle Pure Water Filling Labeling Packing Line

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Accomplishment of a new production line commissioning

Given that the serious situation of Covid-19, the manufacture industries have to shut down their producing temperately, and with the recovery of China nationwide situation, many factories continue to running their business. Recently, Sheenatar factory has just complete the commissioning of one new production line of drink water filling machine for large bottle. Now lets see the details.


The production line of drink water filling machine for large bottle which was just competed the commissioning by Sheenstar is suitable for 13L big bottle filling. This production line has a three-in-one integrated function of washing, filling and sealing. It also includes sleeve labeling machine, light inspection and cap shrinking machine. The structure of the three-in-one block in this production line is different from the small bottle filling machine, which the bottle capacity is 200ml-2000ml. Also, its different from the 5L large bottle filling machine. It has an structure of L-shaped.


If you are interested in drink water filling machine and pure water production line, please feel free to contact us with pictures and video within more details, we are sincerely to hear from you.



Sheenstar------A reliable drink water filling machine suppliers

Zhangjiagang Sheenstar Technology Co., Ltd was found in 2010, locates in the famous port city in China-Zhangjiagang, therefore it has an innate advantage of exporting and shipping goods. At the beginning of its establishment, it focused on water & beverage production line. With the developing of its research and development in beverage packing and filling line, it gradually becomes outstanding in the beverage filling and packing industry and becomes a well-known drink water filling machine supplier nationwide.


Except the drinking water filling machine for large bottle which was mentioned above, Sheenstar also provides you with turnkey projects and complete package solutions for all kinds of beverage filing and pure water production line, includes bottle blow moulding machine, water treatment system, water filling production line, carbonated drinks filling line, juice filling line, 5 gallon water filling line, beverage can filling line, glass bottle filling line, labeling machine, film shrink packing machine, carton packing machine and so on.


Their excellent service and good performance of their products attract the customers from all over the world. Sheenstar supply their machines mainly to North America , South America, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, Mid East, Eastern Asia, Western Europe and South Asia, over 50 countries, and their considerate pre-sales service and after-sales service would leave you an unforgettable importing experience from China.  


At last but not least, let’s see their product characteristics. The drink water filling machine is fully automatic, and it’s with three-in-one process of washing, filling and capping. This kind of machine is made by stainless steel, which meets the international standard. And it also has the control touch screen of separated control cabinet, which is easy operate and maintain.

So please contact Sheenstar without hesitation, they would try their best to satisfy your needs with their excellent drink water filling machine.


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