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Celebrating International Women’s Day

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International Women's Day (IWD) is known in China as "International Women's Day", "March 8" and " Women's Day. This festival established on March 8 to celebrate the important contributions and great achievements that women have made in the economic, political and social field.


As a China water filling machine manufacturer, on this day, Sheenstar Company provides material benefits for all female employees to show recognition of their achievements. We have a total of 18 female employees whom work hard and are dedicated to the production, sales,  after-sales of beverage machines, and have made great contributions to the company. Thank you very much, our best ladies.


Sheenstar is engaged in integrating development, scientific research,design, manufacturering, technical service and marketing of food and beverage packaging machinery. Taking market damand as its responsitility and taking product development as its guide. Sheenstar developments and produces various kind of “Sheenstar Beverage Machinery” products with exquisite technology and excellet quality. Our main products include PET bottles,glass bottles,cans and various production lines for gas and non-gas beverage, beer, 5 gallon, juice drinks, water and alcohol wine.

If you're starting an energy drink business,we suggest you also pay attention to its cans and packing.Brands like red bull and monster have been established in the market for decades and far from being considered a good brand. So be sure to make a high-quality energy drink and make great cans that stand out on the bottling shelf.Choose a good quality filling line that can keep the drink fresh inside the can and also look good. China and the United States have many suppliers of energy beverage canning products.Choose reliable,reasonable price,good packing quality machine.

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