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Can Filling Line

Brief introduction

Can filling line is used for canned drink.Various cans could be

filled in this line. 
The production line contains empty can depalletizer, can reverse and rinsing machine, can filling sealing machine, can level inspector, spray warming tunnel, and conveyors to connect all machines in a line. Adopt the advanced mechanism, electronic components and pneumatic control technology, apply isobaric pressure filling theory, the filling speed is fast, the liquid level is stable with loss. Seaming quality is good, the machine run smoothly, appearance is beautiful, operation and maintenance is convenient, the production speed apply frequency conversion, and long-distance control system can be collocated according to the request of client.


Juice, Carbonated drink, etc.

The Process Step

Water Treatment System, Carbonated Drink Blending,Filling And Packing
A   Water Treatment System  
Raw Water            Pump             Sand Filter            Active Carbon filter             Sodium Filter             Micro Filter             Hollow Filter             Reverse Osmosis             UV Sterilizer             Ozone generator             Finished water tank(Specific Steps According To Water Resource)
B   Carbonated Drink Blending Sugar Melting Tank  
Sugar Melting Tank            Cooling Tower            Heat Exchange             Sugar Filter             Water, Sugar, Flavors Ingredients Into Mixing Tank            Co2, Industry Chiller, Water            Carbonated Mixer With Heat Exchange            Finished carbonated drink
C   Filling And Packing
Depalletizer             Rinser            Filling and Capping-Labeling Machine(PET can )            Shrink packing

Machines in the line

Filling and After Packing
3. Rinser


Production Process

Recent Case

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The can line in India
The can line in India


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