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Requirements for Agents


Our agent have a certain influence in the local, understand the local market situation


Our agent have own understanding and sales skills on the water and beverage filling and package industry


Our agent have agent experience of the related mechanical industry dealer


Our agent provide localized technical support and after-sales service to final buyers

We Can Provide the Best Support

Pre-sales service

Sheenstar design team and sales team will provide you machine flow chart,  detailed specification, bottles and label design drawing, they have  5-15years of experiences in water and beverage equipment, quickly reply the inquiries and doubts within 24hours online and Solve the problems.

Service within the order

Sheenstar team will follow up your order during manufacture and provide you manufacturing process every two weeks or every month by words or photos or videos that ensure you to know the status of your order.Also will inform you to come to our factory for inspecting your machines before shipment.

After-sales Service

Sheenstar after-sales team have 5-20 years experiences about debugging water and beverage production line. We will send electrical Experts and mechanical Experts to install and debug machines in your factory. Helping and Training your workers to use machinery well and will provide you free spare parts and 24 hours online service.

Compared with Other Suppliers
Advantage of Sheenstar Machine


Higher capacity under the same model and size’s machine


Lower Power consumption under the same capacity


Lower price under the same capacity


Higher capacity under the same model and size’s machine


Thick stainless steel and stronger structure to be more stable working

Sheenstar never participate in low price competition, we firmly believe "You Get What You Pay", if you want to know more about us, welcome to visit our sheenstar factory, let us talk face to face.

Do you have any questions about our products and our company?

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